General Contracting

The role of International City Builders, Inc. as a commercial General Contractor is one of leadership and customer service.  In the role of providing general contracting services, International City Builders, Inc. takes full responsibility for all construction contracts, manages the work of its own forces as well as those of subcontractors, and ensures the project is completed on time in accordance with the owner’s construction documents. 

While the popularity of General Contracting has declined somewhat over the past 5-10 years, it continues to remain useful in some situations. Currently, approximately thirty percent (30%) of the projects completed by International City Builders, Inc. is in the role of a General Contractor. Typically we perform in this role by negotiating a lump sum price and then entering into a contract with the owner to deliver the project. International City Builders, Inc. also performs the traditional “design/bid/build” project delivery using a lump sum contract with the owner.