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Christ The Redeemer Anglican Church

Fort Valley, Georgia

Project Details

The work at Christ The Redeemer Anglican Church encompassed a series of essential tasks. It began with clearing trees and preparing the building pad, as well as addressing retention ponds and the DOT entrance. The construction team then meticulously laid out the building and commenced foundation work. This included roughing in plumbing and electrical systems at the slab, applying termite treatment and a vapor barrier, and setting rebar and mesh before pouring and curing the slab.
Following this, the team framed the walls, set trusses, and completed the dry-in phase, which involved installing windows, exterior doors, shingles, siding, exterior stone, and insulation. Permanent power was established, and plywood was hung in preparation for the interior stone work. Inside, tasks included hanging, taping, and finishing drywall, roughing in plumbing and electrical systems within walls and ceilings, and initiating HVAC rough-ins.
The project then advanced with the installation of ceiling grids, light fixtures, trim, diffusers, cabinets, and flooring. This was followed by prime and first-coat painting, the framing of the sanctuary platform, and the addition of ceiling grid systems. The final stages involved the placement of plumbing fixtures, toilet partitions, and accessories, culminating in a comprehensive final cleaning and punch list completion. Ultimately, the project achieved substantial completion and was successfully turned over to the church.