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Bloomfield Middle School Conversion

Macon, Georgia

Project Details

The ambitious renovation of Bloomfield Middle School, encompassing 116,171 square feet, ushered in the birth of Southfield Elementary School for the Bibb County School District. A thorough metamorphosis marked this endeavor, as the building’s identity and purpose were revitalized. Drawing from our wealth of experience in similar projects, our adept team ensured the meticulous execution of this transformation. Guided by a carefully structured 2-month schedule, tailored for summer school renovations, our daily management expertise propelled the project to an ahead-of-schedule completion, garnering acclaim from the Bibb County School District. A symphony of demolition and architectural enhancements unfolded, encompassing new flooring, refined interior finishes, meticulously appointed doors with hardware, expressive signage, markerboards, and supporting elements. The space was adorned with new cabinetry, updated plumbing fixtures, seamless electrical integration, and a comprehensive HVAC system upgrade. A pinnacle of achievement lay in the conversion of the existing gymnasium from a non-conditioned space to a climate-controlled oasis. Infused with 20-tons of split systems/heat pumps and the elegance of fabric ducts, this transformation spoke volumes. Furthermore, the extension of new HVAC ducts to the Pre-K and 1st grade wing epitomized our commitment to creating an optimal environment for learning and growth.