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Ingram-Pye Elementary School Renovations

Macon, Georgia

Project Details

Situated on Anthony Road in Macon, Georgia, the Ingram Pye Elementary School underwent a remarkable transformation, encompassing its 76,098 square-foot interior space. This ambitious project aimed to reinvigorate the facility, simultaneously enhancing functionality and aesthetics.
The comprehensive renovation included a range of crucial upgrades. Fresh paint invigorated the surroundings, and the installation of durable LVT flooring provided both resilience and modern aesthetics. Updated light fixtures improved illumination and ambiance throughout the school. In addition, we sealed the flooring in the bathrooms which combined durability with a sleek finish, while new mill work and casework optimized storage and functionality in classrooms, administrative areas, and the media center.
Enhanced way-finding and communication were achieved through the introduction of new signage. The gymnasium underwent a revitalization with the installation of a new floor and paint, significantly improving utility and aesthetics. To meet specific needs, new cooler and freezer units were introduced, ensuring proper food storage for the school. Finally, a student pick-up canopy was constructed, prioritizing safety and convenience for all.