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Miller Magnet Middle School Renovations

Macon, Georgia

Project Details

In the summer of 2022, our transformative journey commenced at Miller Middle School, coinciding with the conclusion of classes. Within the sprawling expanse of the 117,000 square foot single-story facility, a meticulously planned four-phase interior renovation unfolded. Anticipating its imminent role as a dynamic K-12 campus, we ingeniously implemented modular classrooms from the outset, as well as temporary canopies, a seamless solution that ensured uninterrupted learning for both students and faculty.

Addressing safety concerns with resolute precision, we undertook the careful demolition of an existing elevator shaft. The scope of our endeavor extended far and wide, encompassing a comprehensive renewal: a masterful interplay of complete interior repainting, refined flooring, and the artful rejuvenation of spaces including the kitchen, cafeteria, media center, administrative offices, sprawling classroom wings, and essential restroom facilities.

Our commitment to elevating infrastructure was showcased through the integration of cutting-edge HVAC units and a robust array of supplementary security cameras. As the final days of summer 2023 drew near, so did the culmination of our project. Our accomplishments included strict adherence to timelines and budgets, highlighted by the accolade of surpassing the Owner’s expectations for quality craftsmanship.