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Rutland Performing Arts Center

Macon, Georgia

Project Details

The Rutland High School Performing Arts Facility, boasting an enrollment of nearly 1,000 students, stands as the most culturally diverse school in Bibb County. The construction site, strategically positioned at the northwest corner of the existing school, intersects the path students take from the parking lot to the school’s entrance. This location, compounded by the proximity of the stadium and bus traffic, places a premium on ensuring safety and efficient site management within this vibrant campus.

Approaching the school, one is greeted by a well-designed plaza, fronting an expansive and aesthetically pleasing facade. The facade showcases a gracefully curved masonry structure adorned with diverse textures and colors. This architectural marvel incorporates large glazed curtainwall systems, masonry pilasters, a radiused metal awning system with a distinct curved entablature, all finished with stucco.

Upon entering the facility, the curved vestibules, featuring coffered ceilings and patterned flooring, seamlessly guide visitors toward the 744+ seat theater segment of the building. The theater itself is equipped with sloped floors, 120′ clear-span ceilings, curved stages, and state-of-the-art audio/visual systems, including a comprehensive “truss-mounted” theater lighting system.

Beyond the technological sophistication, the facility is designed with an emphasis on aesthetic appeal. Beautifully decorated spaces and welcoming areas coexist with a structural system engineered for longevity and minimal maintenance, meeting the needs of the Bibb County School District. This structural system incorporates concrete foundation walls, shallow foundations, loading docks, a structural steel superstructure, and a combination of load-bearing masonry and cold-formed metal framing.

In terms of building systems, the facility includes Packaged Units with Air Purification Systems, DDC Controls, and Auxiliary Systems. The communication infrastructure is robust, encompassing IT Cabinets, Fiber Optic Cabling, Integrated Security Systems, Access Control, Fire Detection, and various other components, ensuring a comprehensive and technologically advanced environment.