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Shirley Hills Elementary School Renovations

Warner Robins, Georgia

Project Details

Shirley Hills Elementary School, situated at 300 Mary Lane in Warner Robins, Georgia, underwent a transformative summer renovation and revitalization project, focusing on its 69,427 square-foot interior. The comprehensive efforts included a refreshing application of fresh paint throughout the school, coupled with the removal of tiled floors, replaced by durable VCT flooring for resilience and a contemporary look. Lighting upgrades were implemented, enhancing illumination and the overall ambiance. Plumbing fixtures were seamlessly upgraded to improve convenience and efficiency, while the bathrooms received a facelift with the installation of new epoxy flooring. A meticulous renovation of millwork optimized storage in classrooms and administrative areas, contributing to organizational efficiency.
New ceilings were installed, and doors and hardware were systematically replaced, ensuring functionality and security. Wayfinding was improved through the strategic introduction of new signage. Additionally, the stage curtain was taken down, cleaned, and treated with fire retardant for safety standards. The gymnasium underwent upgrades with fresh paint and improved lighting, while the library saw the installation of brand-new casework for enhanced functionality. Notably, the interior space was thoughtfully reconfigured to incorporate a principal’s suite. This comprehensive project successfully revitalized Shirley Hills Elementary School, creating a modern, efficient, and welcoming educational environment.