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Union Elementary School Renovations

Macon, Georgia

Project Details

Union Elementary School, situated on Mamie Carter Drive in Macon, Georgia, is a single-story educational institution spanning 72,728 square feet, accommodating nearly 500 students. Under the meticulous planning of ICB and the Bibb County School District, the school’s revitalization commenced in the summer of 2022. With a swift two-month timeline tailored to the rhythm of summer school renovations, our team seamlessly orchestrated each day’s tasks by harnessing lessons from similar projects to meet its rigorous demands. Our meticulous coordination not only met, but exceeded expectations, resulting in the project’s timely delivery.
The project’s scope was comprehensive, breathing life into every facet of the institution. From the inception of a pristine parking lot and enhanced front entrance to the creation of a welcoming covered walkway for students and the transformation of administrative office areas, no detail was overlooked. Interior finishes received a well-deserved upgrade, teacher’s cabinets were thoughtfully integrated, and mechanical and electrical systems underwent a comprehensive renewal.
Navigating the challenging landscape of current supply chain headwinds, our adaptable team proactively identified “long-lead” materials, ensuring a streamlined procurement process. Delivery dates were vigilantly tracked on our meticulously constructed overall project schedule. Swift material pricing and the issuance of purchase orders secured delivery dates before bid packages were released to subcontractors. This prudent strategy mitigated cost escalations and potential delays, ensuring a seamless progression.