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Center Park at Centerville

Centerville, Georgia

Project Details

Nestled amidst the serenity of Centerville’s Center Park, our accomplishments radiate with a distinctive glow. Within this idyllic setting, we constructed a dynamic splash pad, an enchanting playground, extensive sidewalks, a hospitable pavilion, and a practical restroom building. With unwavering precision and steadfast commitment, we completed the project punctually, adhered to the budget, and exceeded the owner’s expectations.
The restroom facilities, spanning an impressive 4,525 square feet, feature a robust exterior composed of brick and split-faced block, crowned by a gracefully sloped metal roof. Adorned with windows that usher in ample natural light, these facilities stand as a testament to our detail oriented craftsmanship. Accompanying these are a welcoming pavilion and an additional restroom building, collectively covering 2,600 square feet. To enrich the landscape, we introduced a meandering walking track, adept drainage solutions, and lush grassing.