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Houston County State Courthouse Expansion

Perry, Georgia

Project Details

In our role as the Construction Manager, our team oversaw the construction of the esteemed 45,945 +/- SF State Court Expansion. Prior to construction commencement, ICB Construction Group took charge of pre-construction services, including an intensive cost savings analysis, leading to the proposal of a noteworthy 57 Cost-Saving Alternatives.

The scope of this undertaking encompassed a comprehensive 2-story augmentation to the Houston County Courthouse. This included Demolition, Site Utilities, Site Modifications, the Construction of the 45,945 +/- SF State Court Expansion, and the Revitalization of the Existing Facility. Notably, the Houston County Courthouse remained fully operational and occupied throughout the construction phase of this State Court Expansion project.

The new construction introduced two (2) distinct Courtrooms, complete with Judge’s Chambers, Law Clerk Offices, Judge Assistant Offices, and dedicated Jury Rooms for each Courtroom. Additional enhancements included more Jury Selection Rooms, a Public Elevator, Staff Elevator, Inmate Elevator, and a Secure Corridor. Secure Holding Cells, a comprehensive District Attorney Suite of Offices, a Public Defender Suite of Offices, Solicitor Offices, Secure File Storage, Fire-Protected File Storage, IT Rooms, Conference Rooms, Support Offices, a multitude of Break Rooms, well-appointed Restrooms, and meticulously designed Administrative Areas were also seamlessly integrated.